About 20 years ago in the Colorado state of USA school “Columbine” had a shooting. This event made headlines around the world and had a great impact on society. As a consequence, this firing has become a phenomenon and a role model for other massive shootings in schools. In Russia, such events are called “сolumbine” (Колумбайн).


For the last couple of years, columbine has started taking place in different regions of Russia. Such cases happen to be in different forms of educational institutions (not only schools but also universities, colleges ent). The ritual connection to the original shooting of Colorado is often not clear. Nevertheless, these firings are rarely considered on a case-by-case basis. Among the official usual explanations for columbine are the videogames. Unfortunately, the cases of columbine started happening regularly and have become somewhat ordinary.


The “Attack” is a fashion shoot based on the described events. Style: Elezaveta Andricova and Kristina Chubina. I also created a small game for the project. I scripted a free camera for it. A few shots taken in the game were used in the final project, and a few were used for greenscreen. 

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