Moscow Polytechnic Museum (Polytech) is one of the oldest Russian museums, and its collection has dozens of exhibits. The museum witnessed a few eras of the country, revolutions, and the complete changes of the country. Nevertheless, despite these changes, its collection kept on going for a few centuries and has grown to a huge size.


The museum was originally founded in the Russian Empire in the second half of the 19th century. Its foundation was dictated by the educational goals. There were no such places in the Empire. Polytech enlightened the knowledge of the world, taught to understand it, and opened the doors to the room of the scientist. It showed the latest discoveries in science, natural wonders, scientific tools, and more. One of the founders of the museum said: “from the scientist’s office the knowledge must be spread to people and become their legacy”.


At the same time, science was in its reformation state during the 19th century. Instead of natural science, it was more and more about technical science. The scientific tools to that point had a much more significant role: instead of the helping hand, these have become mandatory. The world could no longer be studied only in a natural way, and science has transported to the laboratory. To understand the world, one needed specific theoretical knowledge and the ability to use scientific tools.


By the 20th century, the Polytechnic Museum could no longer be the source of the relevant knowledge. But its collection was still growing. Its new exhibits sometimes did not have an applicable nature. In the USSR the museum was still working and had exhibitions of the latest agricultural successes of the Soviets. While the museum was still considered as being scientific, its collection had less practical meaning.


Today in the archive can be found household items of the USSR, toys, victorious racing cars of Russia, examples of holograms, small models of the factories of the beginning of the 20th century. Sometimes you can even find paintings there. The museum is filled with ideological artifacts and personal belongings of different people. From this archive, an exposition of any kind and ideology can be created.


I have gathered a diverse pack of the exhibits of the Polytech’s archive. After that, by using the photogrammetry, I created a 3-D model from each of them. The surface of each model was changed to a reflective surface. Therefore, any surrounding environment becomes the part of the object. At the same time, I was traveling around the world with google maps to create 3-D panoramas. These were used as surroundings for my models. Among my collection, you can find such objects as: a diesel engine, a piece of the moon, a prototype of the hand prosthesis, a pump, a wheel of a Skoda vehicle,  a nose of the plane, a flight recorder, and more.

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17виниловый проигрыватель.jpg
15электрический двигатель.jpg
18черный ящик.jpg
3материнская плата.jpg
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