My name is Ilya. I am a photographer and, probably, an artist.


I am in mad love with photography and its every form. That also includes in-game photography. Mostly my projects are about culture: about cultural memory («Exposition», «The image of war»), people («Katya», «Visit the museum!»), places («Home», «Wall»). But, sometimes, I like to about these topics with in-game photography.  I am interested in studying the limits of in-game photography and its connection to traditional photography.


I am a part of the community of Russian in-game photographers (Ingame). It's not a very official thing. But I am a big fan of it and try my best to promote it. I've committed a huge visual research about different practices of in-game photography (here)


2020 BFA/BA Photography (4 years) | HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL (Moscow)


Born in March 1997, Moscow, Russia

• «Дизайн NEXT» | Arseny Sergeev | Moscow, April 2018

• PHOTOBOOKZINEPRINTPRESSFEST 2019 | Smena, pictures and papers | Saint Petersburg, October 2019

• WHAT TIME ARE YOU? Прогулка в игровом времени | Katya Umnova | Moscow, Decemver-Jenuary 2019-2020

• HSE ONLINE GALLERY | Julia Usma | Moscow, July 2020

• Rukami Festival | Maria Tuchina | Moscow, November 2020