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Visit the museum!
Visit the museum!

The initial point of the project was my inability to properly look at the painting in the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery. The view was blocked by different elements of the museum and the protective frame of the painting reflected every lighting source of the hall. Originally I was planning to collect “problematic” paintings such as this. Lately, I started to talk with the visitors of the gallery. We discussed the gallery, its accessibility problems, some of the paintings.


That led me to start taking pictures of the visitors. They were sometimes both confused and enlighten at the same time. This confusion reflected the accessibility problem. But there was something about the people in the museum. So I decided to focus this project on the visitors.


For several months I was a regular visitor to the different Moscow art galleries. As a student at the art university, I had free access. Therefore, I could stand there for long. The project took place during the autumn. As it is the beginning of the school year, there were lots of student-groups, tourists, and generally a lot of people. Most of the time I joined the group and followed it around.


To emphasize the topic of the project, there was also a small addition to the project. Each photo was named. Some names refer to the name of the paintings and some are the names of the photos themselves.