The Visual Study Of The Aesthetics Of The In-Game Photography


The first part of the diploma — The Visual Study Of The Aesthetics Of The In-Game Photography.


In-game photography — is a recreation of the photography practices in videogames. It spread widely in the 2010s. 


This book is the first part of the diploma and is a large study on the aesthetics of in-game photography. In-game photography is a very complicated, diverse underground phenomenon with lots of unique practices. The study is an attempt at the classification of those practices. The abstract at the beginning of the book briefly provides history of in-game photography. 


The study considers two approaches for in-game photography, thereby breaking the book into two parts about each of those: ludus and paidia. Ludus implies in-game photography as a way to represent the game following its image created by the development team. Paidia represents a game differently and usually considers it as a tool for the shooting process. 


Among both approaches, two methodologies of in-game photography are considered: the modified gameplay and the native gameplay. All the classified practices of in-game photography are spread among these two groups. The classification and demonstration of these practices is the goal of the study.


The book consists of 407 pages. Format: 211x296

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